A couple of years ago I was shocked when the first person the street said “Excuse me Mam” vs. “Excuse me Miss”. I was like OMG am I getting old? I guess since I am rounding 30 the answer is YES! By the time my parents were my age they were married about 7 years and already had 1 child… but me, I still sleep in till 11 on weekends and party till late…so when will I consider myself a grown up?

The other day I was talking to a friend and she was telling a story about how someone was acting all crazy and inappropriate. My question to her was “were there any adults around?” What a silly question! I caught myself and laughed. My friends and I are still a bunch of ‘ sometimes. Does that continue into “adulthood”? My parents friends always knew how to have a good time and I always had fun watching them enjoy themselves when I was growing up. So if I have my say I think we’ll still be delinquents in the future.

Another thing I think about regularly is that I still call my parents and my husbands parent’s friends  Mr and Mrs so and so. It wouldn’t be weird except I actually hang out and party with these people. But I feel wierd calling them by their first name! When do I change that? Do I just start doing it?

So here is what I am thinking…the answer is…When I have a child. I think that is a big step. When I have to put someone elses wants and needs over my own, and when my choices directly affect that little being. I also think that being called Mrs. (Last name) will make me feel older. I sometimes don’t even feel like my married name is really my last name because I don’t hear it very often.

I’d like to say I’ll consider myself a grown up when I host my own holiday…but I don’t think that will happen for a very long time. My husband and I still enjoy spending holiday’s at our parents home. I’d also like to say that I will consider myself a grown up when I can make big decisions without consulting my parents and again I don’t think that will EVER happen. My husband and I both respect that our parents have much more experience doing things than we do…so why not take the advice?

Who knows when I will actually FEEL like a grown up….for now I can enjoy being my delinquent self. Do you FEEL like a grown up??