I Love my husband. He is an amazingly wonderful man. We each have our quirks and things that we do to annoy each other, but this is my blog so I get to complain about it here all I want….What’s up with the stupid black socks stuffed into the couch! Enough with the socks already!!!!

I do my best not to pick on my husband on this site….sometimes I fail. This is one of those times. As I write this,  I am staring at a pair of my husband’s black socks stuffed into the couch cushions. Why are they there you ask?  I have no idea why, but for some reason he comes home from work, sits on the couch and proceeds to take off both of his socks and stuffs them into the couch. I honestly don’t think he knows he is doing it sometimes! I think it’s just habit at this point, but sometimes it is just embarrassing. Can you imagine what would happen if a guest came over to our home, sat on the couch only to find socks stuffed into the couch? Kind of gross right???

There are many things about his come home routine that burns my britches…but this is the worst. It’s not the shoes right in front of the door…those are easily picked up…..it’s not the tie hung over the kitchen chair…..I can move it out of the way…..it’s those stupid socks that mock me day after day! Even when I think I have picked up today’s socks…fast forward to a few days later when I am moving pillows only to find another mystery pair of socks laughing at me saying “HAHAHA you didn’t see me before!”

So this is my cross to bear…I am not sure how to fix it…harping about it gets me nowhere….I could ignore it but that will leave me with a weeks worth of socks to clean up on Saturday….so it seems that I will just take it day by day….and if you happen to know my husband….help me out and tell him to clean up his socks!