I yearbooked myself..this is supposedly 1996 style.

Do you ever find yourself getting an update on someone you knew in high school, and hear about something they recently did only to think to yourself….”wow so and so did that?” “or so and so said that?” “When they were in high school they…..” I hate when I do that! My mom gives me updates any time she speaks to a mom of a kid I went to school with, or if she reads about something in the paper, and sometimes its hard not to picture that person how they were over 10 years ago. And then I have to remind myself…self…It’s been over 10 years since you graduated high school! What are you thinking? This person is probably nowhere close to the person you knew in high school! But it’s hard not to get stuck in high school…

Personally I didn’t love high school. At the time I don’t remember disliking it, but looking back I realize college was just so much better.  My school was pretty small with a graduating class of about 180. The worst part of my school is that you were who you where from the day you stepped into middle school till the day you graduated. There was no room for change. You had the same friends, and you were pigeonholed into certain groups that just never changed. I guess all the cliche’s about high school come from somewhere right?

In school I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t an outcast. I fell somewhere in the middle. I didn’t date and I sat in the friend zone pretty comfortably. What was I voted as being in our senior magazine?? The biggest brownie..meaning brown noser or kiss up. I guess I was, but there was no way I would’ve gotten the grades I got based on merrit alone! How could teachers give me bad grades if they liked me?

During high school I had some great friends, but unfortunately I have lost touch with most of them. Do I know why we lost touch? No..most likely life just sent us in different directions.  My husband on the other hand is friends with pretty much the same group of people he was friends with in high school. I joke that they are like 90210 in that they all grew up, got jobs and still hang out all the time. Most of the guys were either groomsmen or ushers at our wedding. We are blessed because over time they became my friends, and they are wonderful people.

Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with people from high school that I never thought I would see or speak to again. I LOVE that about facebook. Although it is addicting and can be silly…I love that I get to see what those people are doing as well as see pictures of what is going on in their lives. At my recent 10 year high school reunion I saw that many people that attended seemed to have kept in touch…so I felt a bit out of the loop. Seeing all those people reminded me how stuck in high school I really am. I saw them as who they WERE back in 1998 when we graduated. The Jock, the popular one..the outcast…oh wait that’s the breakfast club….but it still applies here.

 But I guess sometimes all we have is memories, and who we were reflects on some of who we are today. So stuck in high school I will be when I venture back to my old town….

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