No matter when you were born, each of us has music that brings back childhood memories, or memories of where we were when a certain song is played. I personally would consider myself a child of the 90’s being that I was 10 when 1990 came around, and I figure that is around the time when I started paying attention to music that was played. Growing up my mom had a rule….whoever is driving gets to pick the radio station we listened to…that sucked because for 16 years I wasn’t even old enough to drive! So we would be stuck listening to her 60’s/70’s radio station. It was horrible! But now I find myself grooving in the car to the 90’s station on Sirius and wonder if I too will make my children listen to MY tunes? Am I slowly going to stop listening to the current music???

Recently I was listening to Sirius and they were playing “throw back” songs…do you know which “throw back” song they played? Jay Z’s Hard Knock Life!!! Yup that came out around 1998!!! Man did that make me feel old! The tunes of my college years are now “throw back” songs??? Unbelievable!  Now back to the point of this post….

Yesterday, as I sat in my car grooving to the Humpty Dance and Belting out Mr. Big I realized that I was slowly listening to the 80’s and 90’s station more than I was listening to Hits 1 (which is the pop station on Sirius). This had me wondering….does this mean I am getting old? Will I say things to my children like.. “I was so and so when this song came out” like my mom did? My honest answer is YES! I now think I am going to be that type of person!

I haven’t had too much time to process this….but for those that are also going through this or do this to your children I have  few questions. When will I no longer follow new music? Does it happen slowly or will one day I just cut it out entirely? Can anyone give me these answers? Oh boy…this is scary.