Can you believe that it almost has been 1 year since I started blogging?? Yup that’s right! Friday, February 26th marks my 1 year Blogging anniversary! So that makes this week my Blogaversary Week! What does that mean you ask? Well it’s a week long celebration of ME! Ok, no it’s not, it’s really a week long celebration of you my readers, because where would my blog be with out you? So as an extra special thank you to my readers I have some fun giveaways that will go on later this week. So be sure to stay tuned!

This week will give me a great chance to take a look back and see where my blog has come, and also maybe think ahead to some goals I have in the future. But the main thing going on this week is the giveaways! I have been really loving my growing blog following, and more than that I am loving the steady comments I have been getting from loyal readers.  I totally feel the love and support, and to be honest some of your comments have kept me sane! So keep em coming! What started out as a blog that was read by only people I know…now has become something a little bigger. I mean HEY..I have over 100 (ok 101, and nowhere close to being a huge number, but it’s big for me) google friends! Not to mention 617 Twitter followers. That means every time I Tweet my most random thoughts through out the day 617 could read them! Gotta love Twitter!

I am super excited for what I have planned for this week, so please check back every day to enter the the great giveaways! And of course…Happy Blogaversary Week to me! Who’s up for a drink to celebrate??? Martooni’s all around!