The other week I did a post about my desire to make changes in my diet and try to go more natural. I called it a Food Revolution, and I got such an amazing response from my readers.  As you know Captain Awesome challenged me by saying that I would never go for it due to the idea that the food would be more expensive, so I have decided to accept that challenge and take you all on this journey with me.

I call this post step one, but in reality I have yet to even step into a store to buy all the correct food. For me step one involves purging my house of all the food I currently have, so that when I go to buy food the next time, I am free to make the right choices. So currently, I am making and eating all the meat, dairy and produce already in my home. I mean what else was I to do? Let all that food go to waste? NO WAY! So since writing the original post I have been working on eating the food that already exists in my house. It may seem like I wrote that post a long time ago, and how do I have that much food, but somehow I do? I must’ve done a really big shopping trip prior to seeing that show!

Making Smarter Food Choices

I have done a few things to get started in my revolution though. The main thing is to think before buying. I even went as far as taking 5 minutes to choose a carton of eggs! One of the comments in my previous post told me that Nature’s promise is the Stop and Shop organic brand. So when I needed to buy eggs I decided to do the right thing and buy organic. But to my surprise I had 3 choices of organic eggs! There was cage free eggs (about $1 more than a carton of the cheapest egg brand), Regular hormone free organic eggs (almost the same price as the other eggs), and some eggs that were high in Omega 3’s (about 20 cents more than the regular eggs). So which do I choose? Is cage free necessary or do I really just need hormone free eggs?? So many choices! In the end I went with the cage free eggs. That $1 wasn’t going to make or break me.

Another thing I took to heart from that Oprah show was the recomendation to “not eat anything that won’t go bad”. And that got me thinking about my Kraft singles cheese. Man does that stuff last forever! So once my pack was finished (and I can’t go with out cheese) I decided that deli cheese would be just fine. So when I bought my lunch meat (turkey and roast beef) for the week. I added Deli cheese to the list! It’s yummy!

So I continue to “LEAN” into this new lifestyle. I have yet to experience the increased cost of buying food this way. I am sure once I get to buying meat the real increase will show up. But I really do believe it’s worth it. So I promise to keep you posted on this journey. Have you tried to make any changes? What steps have you taken to join in my Food Revolution??