I have really come to love blogging. It’s a great outlet for me to write down the things I am thinking, both serious and personal along with the ridiculous thoughts that cross my mind throughout the day. One of my favorite things of the day is when I check my blog and find out that someone has commented. It puts a smile on my face to know that someone has actually read my blog, and cared enough to let me know it.

I love the comments where people relate to what I have to say, as well as the ones where someone disagrees with me. When I blogged about Our Loss I was truly touched when  people e mailed me to reach out and talk about their own personal situation. That is what is so wonderful about the blogging world. You get to share your life stories as well as learn about others.

So now here is where you, my readers come in….please leave comments. How am I supposed to know if you like or dislike what I am saying unless I hear back from you? Reading comments is like crack to me. And this addict needs her fix! I was talking to someone this weekend, and when I talked about this post I was writing said “I didn’t know you could comment”. I never even thought that people might not know! So for those of you who are new to the blog world…you scroll to the bottom of the post, and there is a little link that says “post a comment” or for mine, if you keep scrolling down (after you’ve finished reading) you can see what other people commented, and then there is a place for you to leave a comment yourself! FUN!

As another way to show love why not become a fan of After the Alter on Facebook? (you can see a button to the right to become a fan). I was hoping to make this page a place to share your experiences as well as mine. Just try it I think it will be fun!

 Are you on Twitter? I am! Again look to the right you and you will see the button to follow me on Twitter. Sometimes I talk to people and realize that most people don’t look over to the right side bar…go on…take a second to look at it. Soon I plan to make a blog roll so you can see the blogs that I am following and show them love too!

They say that people enjoy reading about personal things when they choose which blogs to follow. I try to get personal, but sometimes I just feel like I am talking to myself. So next time you stop on by and read, leave a little hello or comment. It makes me smile!