I love Halloween, and I Love costumes!  I did middle school and high school theater as well as community theater. It was great! My favorite part came when the costumes arrived. I loved playing someone else, and that love of costumes hasn’t faltered yet. It still continues today. While I am trying to decide what to be this year for Halloween, I figured it would be fun to look back at my husband and I through the years and at some of the ridiculous costumes we wore! Oh the memories!

Let’s start in college. This gem is either a toga costume, or a Halloween costume, but either way it was dressing up. Our sorority decided to be Native Americans. I am not sure exactly what The Captain’s fraternity decided to be, but if I remember correctly they wore Sombreros.




This particular Halloween my sorority went as Playboy Bunnies and Captain Awesome decided to go as “Tesh” or in other words me! He wore my Tri Sig Jersey, wore a ridiculous wig and carried around a lolly pop (since I always had one when we went out). The costume was a hit!




I loved wearing the wig here. I think it really makes me look like a different person! I was a Geisha girl and my Captain Awesome was a rice picker…check out those great glasses!

 I was thinking about recycling this one for this year! Gotta love being Batman and Bat girl!

 Beer Man and Beer girl was another classic. This was the first Halloween Party in our new home! I am seeing a trend with the tights though….should I be worried???

I’m not sure what Halloween’s we are missing here since we’ve spent 10 of them together including this year, but that’s ok. I think you get the idea by seeing these. We’ve had some great times together! Happy almost Halloween!!! I hope you have a great time in whatever you do!