Everyone has their dreams. For some it is to excel in their certain field, for others it is to be wealthy, for me…its to be a great mom, and have a happy family life. When I think about becoming a mom I have nothing but wonderful thoughts in my head. I picture the giggles, and the play time, and the precious moments where that little one looks so innocent while he/she is sleeping on my tummy…I picture trips to the park and family vacations to Disney world. Is it wrong to picture these things? I never thought so until recently. Recently I found out that I am pretty much living in a dream world.

Maybe its because I have been reading more and more Mommy Blogs,  maybe I am just speaking to more women who have had babies..or maybe its the fact that women have decided to publicly share their stories on shows like Oprah. But I find myself watching and reading only to cringe….is it really that hard? Are you really that lonely? Are you really that tired? And the more I learn the more I realize that the answer is probably YES!

I guess this is the definition of “the truth hurts”. Have women always had these feelings and just kept them inside? I mean we have been having babies for centuries…and doing it more than once! Do you just forget the bad memories and only think of the good? I am sure sharing the bad stuff when you are ACTUALLY a mom is therapeutic. I know how therapeutic it is to share what I go through here on this blog. But as a dreamer looking in I gotta tell ya…it’s scary!

Personally I think being a mother is a gift from god. I get that there will be crying, and poopy diapers, and sleepless nights…but am I nieve to think that all the good that comes with it outweighs the bad?

For now I choose to live in my ideal world. It is a happy and exciting place to be.  So what do you think? Am I crazy to not believe the hype? Is it better to hope for the best but prepare for the worst?