I know that it’s hard, when it’s not even Halloween, to think about the upcoming holiday season. And you are probably thinking, what is this girl talking about? I just finished picking pumpkins and the leaves are still on the trees…why would I start planning for the holidays? Well I’ll tell you why….I’ll start by bringing back some memories for you….The mall crowds in December! That’s right! Just think of the long lines, the miserable parents fighting for toys and parking a mile away from the mall entrance. I don’t even have to shop for children’s toys yet and I REFUSE to enter a mall post Thanksgiving. That’s why what works for me is Christmas shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Christmas Shopping the Easy Way!

If you have any trouble getting into the holiday season mode early…start by walking through the malls come November first…the Decorations come out earlier and earlier every year! Soon you will see mall Santa’s in August! I understand that there are huge Christmas sales that go on around the holidays, but just think how wonderful it would be to get something on sale say during a Labor day sale??? Then just put the gift away!

I ALWAYS laughed at my mom for buying us Christmas presents early. We would be shopping in July and we’d want something and she’d say “I’ll buy it for you, but it’s for Christmas” We’d always roll our eyes and agree…but now fast forward to today, when I only have to shop for immediate family, and I totally get why she did it! Who wants to battle the crowds??? The holidays are supposed to be a happy time…why get miserable spending your weekends getting pushed and shoved in the aisles??

So my answer to you is…think ahead. You are going to be buying the presents anyway! Plus how great is it that you don’t have to spend a lump some of money if you spread out your gift buying. It won’t seem as much of a financial strain! It’s a total win win situation all around!

Buying Christmas presents BEFORE Thanksgiving Works for me. If you want to see what works for others check out Works For Me Wednesday over at We Are That Family!