I always have such mixed feelings about where I live, but one thing I am sure of is the fact that I LOVE that my husband is able to come home for lunch during the week. His commute to work takes about 7 minutes and being lucky enough to live that close to his work allows him to leave the office to eat lunch at home most days during the week. I am sure he’ll tell you that the biggest benefit for him is the fact that he gets to see ME! (Ok I might have stretched the truth a bit)

Eating lunch at home has many benefits. We’ve already mentioned that he gets to be blessed with my presence since I work from home and am usually there during lunch..but beyond that we’ve found that we save ALOT of money! His previous job was pretty far away and the people in his office would eat out 5 days a week. Yes he could’ve packed his lunch..but who wants to be the only person in the office sitting at their desk eating while the rest of the people are out together? Not my husband that’s for sure. So saving money is a huge bonus. Another bonus is the fact that eating IN is far more healthy than eating OUT. There is no comparison. Eating home allows you to be in control of how the food you want is prepared. Most of the time eating out for lunch would leave my husband eating pizza, Wendy’s, or a ridiculously huge deli sandwich. All not the most healthy and calorie conscious options.

Having my husband home in the day is a great treat for me also. I look forward to sitting with him while we eat talking about our mornings. I will admit that we do meet up to eat out about 1 day a week. Normally our routine is to meet up with some friends on Friday…but I think a little treat is always good.

 I am one lucky lady to have my husband want to come home and have lunch with me. By doing so we get to spend some time together, save money and are healthier (notice I said healthier not HEALTHY) . For those not as lucky to have their jobs as close to the home as we do..then I really do recommend bringing your lunch to work. I totally get that eating out is more fun, and yummy pizza tastes so much better than the PB&J that you might pack…but in the long run you’ll be happy you packed. Especially in this economy…who wants to pay $7 for a Deli Sandwich??

This is what works for me…to see what things work for others go check out Works for me Wednesday at We Are That Family.