People have written me and asked about my son’s Mickey Mouse Birthday Party, so I decided that I would write about it.

When it came to my son’s first birthday party, deciding on a theme was easy. My son has LOVED Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since he was only a few months old, and that love has continued to this day. I loved the idea of a Mickey Mouse clubhouse birthday, because I thought it would be easy….and it was!

I decided to pick the invitations on Etsy. I searched Mickey Mouse themed invitations and found these. I liked ordering them this way because I paid for the design, and was able to order the pictures through Kodak Gallery. Much cheaper! I chose pictures that represented him throughout the year and did newborn, 6 months and 9 months.

Christian wore a Mickey Mouse inspired shirt that I had personalized through Customclothesfor kids on Etsy. The Captain and I wore red Mickey and Minnie T shirts. I was pretty surprised when he agreed to go with the theme, but I LOVED him for it! He was such a good sport and I think the 3 of us looked great!

I knew I didn’t want to go crazy and buy EVERYTHING Mickey Mouse, so I decided it would be fun to do everything in primary colors, and add the Mickey Mouse stuff as an accent. The tables were covered in multi colored table cloths, and the centerpieces were multicolored balloons with Mickey balloons mixed in. Basically each table was a mixed burst of color.

I went with a cupcake tree for guests, and a separate Mickey Mouse smash cake for the little man. Yes, the cake was a waste of money, but it was pretty and no one wanted to eat the cake he stuffed his face into. PatiCakes did an amazing job with my vision. The colors were bright and she perfectly stuck with the theme.

I decided to fill mason jars up with fun candy to put on the dessert table. I thought of them more as decorations since they colors were so bright and pretty. I think it was a great addition!

No, you didn’t read the banner wrong…I just didn’t have a picture of Christian’s…anyway, I went with a Mickey Mouse Themed High Chair banner from Etsy. I borrowed my neighbors red high chair so that we could stick with the theme.

Finally, I made a great CD mix (yes, I made a CD, and didn’t use an ipod…) mixed in with the kid songs I put the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song and the hot dog dance. I personally think it was a fun addition!

Overall I kept the cost low by using lots of bright colors to mix in with the actual Mickey Mouse products. The only actual Mickey Mouse items I purchased were the things from Etsy, dessert plates, Dessert Napkins, a few balloons, and a large Mickey Mouse wall banner.

I think my son’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday was a success!

Photos were all taken by Cat Dunbar Photography