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Pinterest is extremely inspiring when it comes to different toddler activities. I have pinned a ton, and I couldn’t wait to try them out. Last week, on a rainy day I decided it was the perfect day to try out some indoor fun. I was super excited to get a reaction from my son, only to find that he pretty much could’ve cared less about any of the activities I set out for him….What the hell is that about?

We were bored in the morning so I thought it would be fun to play with some cooked spaghetti. A perfect sensory activity right? The blog Play Create Explore gave me the idea, and it made it sound so fun. I thought he would love getting his hands in there and making a mess. Well I was wrong. He put his hands in the bowl, made an awful face, and moved on. Booooo

Ok, I should’ve known better because he has never liked touching pasta when it came to eating it. So in the afternoon I decided to move on to pots filled with water and bubbles. Who wouldn’t love that? I gave him cups to scoop up the water with, and let him have at it. Who cared if there’s a mess!! He put his hands in…played for a second (enough for me to snap this picture), and he was done. DONE!? Seriously? I thought at least I’d get 5 minutes at this activity. I gave him free range to make a mess and he didn’t take it. What kid does that?

So now what? I wish I could just find something he loves to do. He doesn’t get excited for long about much. Do I keep trying? Will he learn to like these activities? Is he just too young? I have the privilege of staying home with my son every day, and I believe I have to offer him more than TV each day. I want and need to teach him things. That’s my job as his mom….so how do I do that?