19wine club

photo courtesy Magenta Blue Photography

I love wine…there I said it! I’m not ashamed…none one bit! As a self proclaimed wino I love almost all things wine. I love cheap wine…expensive wine…wine tasting and of course my wine club. It was through my wine club that I got to experience a little bit of a new adventure in my life of wine, and that my dear readers is the act of MAKING wine! Yes, you read that right. I just found out there is a WONDERFUL place near me where you are taught the art of making wine. Wine U Design lets you travel through the entire wine making process from crushing the grapes, to labeling and bottling it, and finally the best part drinking it!

Wine U Design was a great business that was created by two friends who both grew up loving wine, and the act of making it. Wine has been used for centuries to bring people together, and what better way to enhance that experience then by getting people together to make the wine. What Wine U Design likes to call “Fermentertainment” which means

The act of winemaking offering pleasure, knowledge, and amusement, usually for the purpose of home consumption.

In their temperature controlled winery, YOU will:

  • become the winemaker for your brand
  • decide on a grape varietal and scientific makeup of your choosing
  • be responsible for crushing and pressing your fruit
  • start your own fermentation and monitor its progress
  • pump your wine into a private barrel
  • watch over its development through a 10-month aging process
  • create a customized label for 240 bottles of your personal vintage
  • cork and label your bottles (placed in cases for easy transport)
  • develop a plan for sharing and celebrating your wine

The whole process takes 11 months total. Through those 11 months your you and or your group first learn about the process. You then go through the process of crushing. pressing and racking your wine. Next you test and create a label for your wine. This is where you get to personalize your wine even more! Finally you bottle and label your wine which allows you to drink and share it.

Are you getting married? Wine U design will work with wedding parties to create their own “wedding vintage”. How fun is that? You could keep the wine to drink for yourselves or even serve it up as favors at your wedding. I’ve decided to get married again just to be able to do this. Who else is with me?

My wine club got to experience some of all this at the Wine U Design facility. They were fantastic hosts!  As you can see in the picture above we even got taste some wine right from the barrel! I am in awe of this experience, and really hope that I get to become an active participant in the near future. If you love wine like I do, and want a a great way to get friends/family and or co workers together to have some fun and learn this is a great place to do it.

There are so many ways to enjoy Wine U Design. Check out all their wine making activities here!