When I was planning my wedding and shopping for bridesmaids gowns my friends would all tell me that I kept choosing “golden globe dresses”. In other words I kept picking slinky dresses that only a size below zero actress would look good in. I know that they were right, and I would hate if someone put me in one of those dresses, but on the hanger they just looked so beautiful! I love the glamour of the long silky gowns, and wish I had some occasion to wear them (other than a couple black tie weddings). Actually, I take that back…I would LOVE a big famous designer to GIVE one to me! I mean come on! Those stars that wear the outfits to the Golden Globes can afford to buy those beautiful numbers…but NOPE! Instead they are GIVEN all those designer clothes. Sometimes my friends… life just isn’t fair.

My favorite part of any awards show is the fashion. I always watch the red carpet events, and the show Fashion Police on E! which is aired the day after the event. So today I want to play make believe. Today I want to choose which dresses I would try on if I were a size below zero.

Let’s start with this number on Jennifer Garner. I personally think she is looking TOO skinny these days, but besides that I think this dress looked stunning on her. My squishy belly would look horrible in this, and I would look horrible in that particular color, but remember we are playing make believe!

Wow! Look at this dress on Marion Cotillard from the movie Nine. I find the color to be just stunning! I will take one of these please!

Above photos courtesey of Capital M

Now this dress that Dianna Agron from Glee wore is definitely something I would die to wear. I think it would fit my body type too since my trouble area seems to be my belly.

 (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

I guess if I were to be honest I would say I’d be happy, thrilled, honored ok..those words just don’t describe it…I would feel like a fairytale princess if I got to get dressed up like these stars do!

Now I do want to give a shout out to the men of the Golden Globes who rocked the bow tie. I am a HUGE fan, and think that the bow tie is classic and will never be dated or out of style.


As I started to swoon over these guys in tuxedo’s I realized that Captain Awesome does look pretty darn good in a tux..

So who needs Bradly Cooper or Taylor Lautner? Not me! But I will continue to swoon over those gowns. A girls allowed to dream right? Is it wrong to want to play dress up at 29??