As you know my husband and I had a very rough summer. We hit our 1 year of marriage with the happiest news, and after that, started our 2nd year of marriage with some heartache. Needless to say that it’s time to pick ourselves back up, and turn this year around. Nowhere to go but up right? RIGHT! So my husband and I decided that we need some “us” time, and thanks to my sister’s fiance’s family, we decided to go to their house in the Poconos for the weekend. (Thank you!)

In my opinion, all couples need to get away once in a while. I told my husband that I was looking forward to some rest and relaxation this weekend and he said “Like we don’t sit on the couch enough?”. Isn’t he romantic? Yes he is right and we don’t have the most stressful lives, but it’s about taking yourself out of your normal environment. It’s about waking up somewhere new and doing something different. It’s just something about not being in your own house.

Last week my house was  screaming CLEAN ME! DO LAUNDRY!…but you know what house didn’t scream that to me this weekend? The Pocono house! We left Friday night after work and got there a bit late, but we were happy we didn’t have to wake up and drive the next morning. We reached our destination. The house was PERFECT, just what we needed. It was cozy, nice and just comfortable.

The house is situated on Lake Naomi in the Poconos and is about 1 mile from the lake. My husband and I slept in, and once we got motivated we decided to take our little Tinkerbell for a walk down to the lake (yes she came with us! She is part of the family you know). It was such a nice walk. The day was crisp and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

That evening we took every advantage that the house offered. They had a great deck, so we ordered in food, lit the tiki torches ( I LOVE Tiki torches) and ate outside. Afterwards we warmed up the jacuzzi (lit the tiki torches on the back porch) and enjoyed some wine in the jacuzzi. It was just perfect.

Our weekend away was just what we needed. We left Sunday morning feeling refreshed, and with the desire to someday own a vacation property.(maybe someday)  I love to travel with my husband…we always have the best time when we do.