It’s that time of year again folks! The time of year where all my favorite shows are new again, and I am left searching my TV’s guide in order to make sure my DVR catches every wonderful moment! I am faced with a few dilemmas every year. Those dilemmas come in the form of line up changes. That’s right…the evil people at the different networks decide to add new shows, take away others, and rearrange the time slots and days of shows that I love to watch. What does this mean for me? It means that each year I must pick and choose what shows make the cut, and what shows get left behind.

Some of you may read this and not see what all the fuss is about. But my response to you is DONT JUDGE ME! TV is my hobby, and it makes me happy. So I have done my research and I think I am all set in my choices. Some networks have already started their new season, and the rest aren’t far behind. So I thought I would share with you my choices, of what shows get that coveted spot on my DVR. Alot of things go into this decision. What day is it on, what other shows is it up against? Will my husband be watching it with me?

So Drum Roll Please??? My Prime Time DVR Schedule!


  • Heros 8-9 (Great show in the beginning but running out of steam. I am just not ready to give up!)
  • House 8-9 (Thjs guy cracks me up. I am very courious where this season is going to go!)
  • Gossip Girl 9-10 (I got into this show in the 2nd season and it certainly is a guilty pleasure!)


  • The Biggest Loser 8-10 (my husband loves this show and so do I. At least we can enjoy it together!)
  • So You Think You Can Dance 8-10 (my favorite reality show of this type. I love watching good dancers)
  • The Good Wife 10-11 ( I am looking forward to giving this one a shot)

My husband LOVES the Show Shark Tank, and that’s on at 8 so we may have a bit of a battle.


  • America’s Next Top Model 8-9 (Come on skinny bitchy girls who haven’t eaten in months! Love the drama!)
  • Law & Order SVU 9-10 (This show still entertains me)
  • Modern Family 9-9:30 (The commercials for this show look very funny, and I don’t watch enough sitcoms. I am looking forward to giving this a try)


This is my Toughest day! It’s Martooni Thursday and It has to be good! They messed everything up and put 3 of my favorite shows in the 9:00 time slot…so this one is a toss up.

  • Vampire Diaries 8-9 (This hopefully will hold me over till the next Twilight Movie!)
  • The Office 9-9:30 (Hysterical!)
  • 30 Rock 9:30-10 (glad I got into this one last season. Hysterical!)
  • Grey’s Anatomy 9-10 (LOVED the season finale last year. I certainly did not see that one coming! This show always gives me a good cry)
  • Fringe 9-10 (This show was on Tuesday last season, and I loved it! Now it’s moved to Thursday and causing  a big dilemma!)
  • Private Practice 10-11 (The finale last season left my stomach turning! I can’t wait to see what happens)
  • Project Runway (I DVR the rerun later at night)


  • Ugly Betty 8-9 ( I hope this Friday time slot doesn’t hurt the ratings. This show makes me smile)


  • Simpsons 8-9 (For my Husband)
  • Family Guy 9-9:30 (For my Husband)
  • Desperate Housewives 9-10 (This show still entertains me)
  • Brothers & Sisters 10-11 ( I got into this show in it’s 2nd season and it is one of my favorites! This family is nuts!)

So I will be a busy girl coming up! The line up looks packed but I can do it!