This year The Captain and I will be celebrating our 10th New Years Eve together! That will be a decade of New years! I decided to get nostalgic and look through old albums. Sometimes I forget we’ve been together so long! I guess over time the years blend together, but it was fun to look back on some old photos. Therefore, I thought I would share them with you! Today we will be visiting New Year’s Past!

Now please don’t judge the way we look in these photos. I will have to remind you that Captain Awesome and I probably indulged in a few cocktails during picture taking time…so please disregard some of the droopy eyes!

Our first New Years together was 2000-2001. We had just gotten together (not officially) and were invited into Manhattan to celebrate the New Year in style! A fraternity brother of The Captain reserved a suite at the Michelangelo Hotel in the city (go ahead, check out the hotel’s website), and boy was it an amazing experience! There were about 10 of us, and it was spectacular! The hotel reserved a spot on the street so that a few minutes before the ball dropped in Time’s Square, we were able to leave the warmthof the hotel to see it all happen! All this with out having to wait outside in the cold like every one else! So that year I got to see the ball drop AND be comfortable! Looking back I am in awe to think that I got to kiss my future husband at the stroke of midnight in the year 2001. We’ve marked the new year with a kiss every since!

Amazingly enough I don’t have a picture of the two of us together for the year 2001-2002. It’s kind of sad!

For the year 2002-2003 a friend of ours worked out a deal with a local restaurant/bar so that we could all celebrate New Years Eve together. This was my first year out of college, and as it turns out I remember my first apartment being walking distance from the restaurant. It was rather convinient! (The Captain is throwing a “Blue Steel” type look!)

To celebrate the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 we traveled into Manhattan. This time not as fancy as our night at the Michelangelo, but I guess they all can’t be that fancy right?

In 2004 Captain Awesome decided to go with the goatee. Personally I HATE facial hair, and I do everything in my power to keep him from growing it. This particular year we were at yet another bar in Manhattan. I like this year because it was the year that The Captain and I introduced my best friend, to one of his good friends. It was a match made in heaven and today the two are married!

To ring in 2006 our group of friends decided to go all out and celebrate at a local catering hall. I’m not sure if they do this type of thing in your area, but here in Long Island they charge an arm and a leg so that you can eat a nice dinner and dance the night away. I loved that we got to get all dressed up, so I found it to be a fun time.

In 2006-2007 I really thought that by New Years Eve I would’ve been engaged. It just wasn’t in the cards, so this year marked our last year as an unbetrothed couple. We loved the catering hall so much the year before that we tried to repeat it at a different location, but the party fell a little short. Of course we still had a good time! I mean come on they give you hats!!!

Being the responsible adults that we are, our group of friends decided not to go broke ringing in 2008. Our friends (the couple we introduced a few years before) graciously opened their home for a party. We still got hats and noisemakers so I was extremely happy! 2007 was a year of engagment celebration and as sad as I was to see it go…I knew that 2008 brought on new beginnings! We certainly had a lot to celebrate!

I got a little surprise the night before this particular New Years Eve. I woke up in the middle of the night to a wonderful stomach bug! I was so sad because I knew 2008-2009 was our first New Years as a married couple. How could I not celebrate the passing of the most wonderful year of my life? It deserved to be recognized! So I manned up, got dressed that night and accompanied The Captain to our friends house. I was glad I did!

So there you have it folks! The run down of our New Year’s Eve celebrations. I am looking forward to celebrating our 10th New Year’s Eve together…and to be honest I am welcoming 2010. So this year I plan on partying like a rock star, because who knows if I will be able to next year! I’m going to get dressed up, get all pretty and hopefully celebrate our last New Years Eve with out a baby in tow!