With the decade quickly coming to a close, I decided it might be nice to participate in Scary Mommy’s Best of 2009 Blog Posts. I thought it would give me a great opportunity to look back through my posts and share with you the ones that I think really stand out among the rest. I started blogging on February 26, 2009 and have gotten so much by doing so. It is my therapy, and I love reading other people’s life stories almost as much as I enjoy sharing my own.

February: Martooni Thursday: ( a little story about my favorite night of the week!)

MarchThe Importance of “Things”  : (With the world the way it is today, I think we all need to sit back and remember what is really important)

April: Man Jobs: (I do almost all of the household chores, but there are just some things I REFUSE to do..)

May: When and How to Start Family Traditions : (As a newlywed couple it’s always difficult to blend two traditions. Sometimes it’s hard when to keep old traditions and when to start new ones!)

June: I’m doing 2 for this month! What I learned in my 20’s: The Transition Years: (As I turned 29 it was time to reflect on the decade that was my 20’s!) One Year Down..Many More To Go!: (June 14th marked our 1 year anniversary as a married couple!)

July: Our Loss: (This is the first of a series of post about the miscarriage I suffered over the summer)

August: Wifey 101: Ask and Ye Shall Receive: (It’s amazing what you can get your husband to do it you only ask them to do it!)

September: Our Loss: What I Have Learned: (I got a great response from this post from many different people. It allowed me to reflect on everything that happened.)

October: SAHM vs. Working Mom’s (although I am neither, I still had to put my two cents in on this topic)

November: Babies OFF The Brain: (It was here that I realized that sometimes I just have to let go…)

December: Why Do Women Feel Fat and Men Feel Sexy? (It must be in our genes, but I truly believe that women are designed to put themselves down!)

 It was really hard to pick just 12, but it was fun going back and reading my old posts. It’s funny to read all my random thoughts throughout the year. To see other bloggers favorite 2009 posts stop on over at Scary Mommy!