Happy Birthday to me! Today is June 24th and today I turn 35 years old. Woah…..let that sink in for a moment because when I just read what I wrote I feel like my heart stopped for a moment. Can I really be 35? After today I am rounding the corner to 40 and that just seems bat Sh$& crazy! The good news is that although I sometimes feel super old, I am OK with it. Thus far I think I’ve taken all my milestone birthdays in stride and I think a big reason for that is that I have been happy with where my life was at each of those points. The same can be said for 35. I welcome this year ahead of me because things are good….and that’s all one can ask for.

It’s funny to see wrinkles on my face. Odd is a better word because I honestly don’t feel old. I feel like a little girl sometimes really, but I’m not.  At 35 I am a wife to an amazing man…a mom to two amazing children, and life is good. I drive a white mini van, I go to mommy and me classes and am class mom. Living the suburban dream my friends!

Sometimes I look around and wonder how it could be that I am an adult. Like how am I in charge of a family and two small children? Am I really that responsible? My head spins daily with questions and decisions I have to make and I sometimes can’t believe it. Its during those times that I want to curl up in a ball and cry for my own mommy when I realize that I too am a mom….Its on me to be strong and be a grown up. Damn that’s hard sometimes!

For my 35th birthday we will be celebrating in fire island with some friends. I know my son will make sure we get some sort of cake or cupcake so that I can blow out the candles, and we will mark the day as one to remember. Someone needs to be responsible so drinking all day isn’t an option and even if it were I’d refrain cause it REALLY sucks to be hungover as  a mom…but I digress. I have a feeling the day will end with having spent a great day at the beach with my family friends and most likely a nice glass of wine (or two!) to wind down the day. All pretty perfect if you ask me.

So am I OK with turning 35??? Sure! I am doing exactly what I want to be doing and life is good. I a happy to report No getting old crisis happening here! So happy birthday to me!! Here’s to 35 being an amazing year!