memories and fun

Have you ever thought about what your first memory was? How far back does it go? How old were you? I remember mine. I was 3, and it was the morning my sister was born. It’s not vivid, and it’s not a play by play memory…it’s more of a feeling. I remember waking up to a woman other than my mom being there, and I remember that although every morning my mom heated up my milk for my cereal…that morning this woman (a neighbor) served me COLD MILK IN MY CEREAL! It was devastating. And that my friends is my first memory. But this isn’t about that…this is about my sons memories. What will be his first memory? He’s almost 3…will it be soon?

Every day we wake up and do our best to create memories. I can honestly say that almost my whole day is spent doing what I think is best for my son, but I am left to question what it is that he will remember? Will it be the afternoons at the park? The mommy and me classes? Swim classes? Pre School? Our morning cuddles? Our sleepovers? Or will it be even smaller things like singing in the car? The walks into town, or just playing in the back yard? Is it all of these things? Can they all be jumbled into one happy memory of happiness, or does one thing stand out?

I think most of the memories being made right now are for me. Every new adventure my son and I take together is one that I will cherish forever…well most of them. I can’t admit to loving the tantrums, or fits…but I have to say I do cherish most of them. And when I find life getting stressful, or if I am in a bad mood by no fault of my son I try to tell myself this…..his childhood will be over in a blink of an eye

There will be only a few short years that my son will let me pick out his Halloween costume let alone go trick or treating with him

Christmas time is magical, and I pray the magic lasts a long time for him. But the bottom line is there are only so many years where he will believe, and I need to fit in as much Christmas as I can each year.

I had to squeeze in a trip to Sesame Place this fall when I shuddered to think that I would miss the opportunity for him to WANT to go there. The magic of Elmo only lasts so long.

I didn’t realize how much I would miss rocking him in our glider before bed, so now I cherish the books at bedtime as I cuddle with him in his toddler bed.

As I find myself more on the sidelines as I watch him learn to play soccer instead of being a part of his every move I remember how he used to frustrate me when he didn’t want to participate. How far we’ve come! Are the mommy and me classes almost over?

Sometimes I get frustrated when he wants me to play, or be a part of his every move through out the day. Then again I try to think about the fact that soon he won’t want me there.

Each day is an opportunity to create a memory. For him, for me, and for our family and friends. I still wonder what his first real memory will be. I pray it’s a good one. I can only hope that he will look back at these years as happy ones, because I know I sure do. I try not to think about the minutes and hours ticking away…it’s depressing! But they are…time goes fast….make the most of it. #thatisall