It’s no secret that I adore having my son’s picture taken. I am sure my poor Facebook friends are tired of seeing his face on the screen but I don’t care. He makes me smile every day and I want to share that. What I love even more is having a professional take his picture. Somehow they are able capture expressions that he makes every single day that I want to remember, and MagentaBLUE photography did not disappoint. My almost 3 year old gave her a run for her money but the pictures are priceless. I can’t wait to get them in a frame and on my wall!

Clipboard02Photographing a toddler is challenging in general, but photographing mine is even a bigger one (at least in my opinion). Going to a portrait studio is a no go for me because he refuses to pose. That is why hiring someone to come to your home or meeting you somewhere in a park (we went to Heckshire Park) is truly worth it. When my son is in an environment where he feels more comfortable, and can just go about his business while pictures are snapped, they come out so much better!

Beata (of MagentaBLUE photography) was so patient and understanding. Her whole goal was to not make him stressed and that set the tone for the whole session. She worked entirely around whatever he wanted to do. She brought him a toy to play with (instant approval!), and even let him have the ring pop I promised him for after, during the session. Her thought? If it makes him happy..why not!?

The entire session was stress free and that is exactly what I needed. If your portrait studio experiences are like mine you are left stressed, sweaty, exhausted and pretty positive that you didn’t get even one usable shot. But not me, and not after this session. I left Beata happy, confident, and SUPER excited to see all the great amazing shots I knew she was able to get. As you can see by the few I posted here they came out amazing! And there is more where that came from! I am not sure there is enough wall space for all the ones I want framed!

MagentaBLUE Photography specializes in more than just children. Beata loves shoot maternity, big kids, little kids, families, events and architecture. You can see more on her Galleries Page on the MagentaBLUE website.

You will be happy to know that you can get amazing professional photos of your child and or family at a great price! magentaBLUE is offering mini sessions to help you perfect this years Holiday cards! Be sure to tell her I sent you!

magentaBLUE Photography Mini Sessions!

Fall and Holiday mini–photo sessions. Book before November 25th  you will get it for $75

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I was provided with a photo session and a disk of photos for the purposes of this review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.