Another addition to The Diaper Diaries Things I love Thursday Carnival!

My family has always been a frozen pizza family. It would be used mainly as snacks, but in the evenings my parents would fire up the pizza maker (the little gadget that turns and the pizza cooks perfectly) and we would have great crispy pizza while watching movies or TV shows. I never got the pizza maker thingy and never found a frozen pizza that I was truly happy with from the oven…until now! I bought the Freschetta Naturally Rising Frozen pizza and LOVED IT!

My husband isn’t the biggest fan of frozen pizza…his reasoning is that he lives in an area where there is a pizza shop on every corner so why not eat that. My answer is, if I can get a whole frozen pizza on sale for $5 then we can save money and still get an easy dinner.  I must say my husband is great and pretty much eats whatever I make, so when I served other brands of frozen pizza he ate it with no complaints (he knows better). But when I served the Freschetta Naturally Rising pizza, he said it was the best frozen pizza he has had, and if he had to eat frozen pizza…then this kind is it! This is a high praise from my husband! As for my review? I thought it was great! The crust is light and crispy at the same time…and everything together makes for a pizza that tastes close to the pizza shop kind.

The Naturally rising pizza comes in three types…cheese…pepperoni…and supreme. So there is something for everyone. Freschetta makes other types of frozen pizza, but so far this type is our favorite. So ladies if you are looking to have a quick, inexpensive, easy go to dinner then this is it! Keep it in your freezer for the nights you have no desire to cook…and dinner is served!