In today’s world women are all about comfort….and why not? We are all so busy, and wear so many hats that it important to be practical in what we wear during the day. Sweat pants become a fixture on the weekends while we clean and run errands…and Jeans fill our our wardrobe when we get dressed for the evenings. But what happened to the days where women would wear such pretty undergarments? What happened to women wearing slips underneath their dresses? If not for the men in our life..I think we as women deserve to feel feminine and should wear sexy and soft underthings! For ourselves!

When I was planning my wedding I had a vision of what I wanted to wear to my rehearsal dinner. It was a white flowy dress…and I found it! The problem with white dresses is that you need to wear something underneath them because they are very very see through…so I went on a hunt for a  nude or white slip that I could wear underneath…and can you believe it? I couldn’t find one! I went to department stores…and Victoria’s Secret and target, and kohls…I even had a woman who works at sears tell me that I could maybe find one in their catalog but they aren’t found in stores…and if they are they look like grandma slips. I found it amazing! My grandma or mom would never let me out of the house as a little girl with out a slip under my dress. I eventually found one…but it was certainly a search. For those who care I found it on a sale rack at Kohls…ONE! There was only ONE!

This is when I decided that I was going to bring back the slip! I guess one person can’t really start the movement but it’s a start. I own a bunch of slips and silk night gowns. I feel so pretty when I wear them under my clothes. I also LOVE to wear silky nightgowns to bed….now I know many women will say “but you don’t have kids…you can’t wear that around your kids” and my answer to that is I guess you are right…but for now…it makes me feel pretty…so I will continue to do so.

Victoria’s Secret is kind of an addiction for me. I know that the stuff is expensive…but I personally find their bra’s to be the most comfortable, and their undergarments to be the softest and silkiest. I do have one gripe though…their size system is awful! I am not sure who can fit in their size small nightgowns but it certainly isn’t me….but other than that their stuff makes me smile.

So ladies..It’s time to bring back the old school femininity that the women of years gone by had. They had silky thigh high stockings, and garters. They wore slips and camisoles beneath their clothes. Take it from me…it will make you feel extremely sexy. Go on…just try it! Let the slip movement begin!