Redefine your future

I am in a unique situation that allows me to pretty much be a Stay at home mom, but also contribute financially to our family by working from home. As a work at home wife and mother I feel blessed to have a lot of flexibility. My job allows me to be with my son all day, and work when I am able to during naps and other down time. I love it, and I am fully aware that this isn’t the norm for most work situations. Tons of people out there ask how they too can work from home and still contribute, and most companies won’t allow it. But there are some that build their business model based on people doing the work out of their home and Rodan + Fields is one of those companies.

I have a friend and sorority sister who started posting on Facebook about her becoming a part of the Rodan + Fields team. She seemed so excited and worked very hard at getting the word out about “her business”. I took some time to speak with her about it and was pleased with what I heard. Since I already have a job I wasn’t interested in selling the products myself, but I did tell her that I would LOVE to try some, and share about what I learned to all of you.

I can’t claim that I love all their products because I have only tried the ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste ($77). But I LOVED it! It smells so fresh and lemony, and made my skin feel so smooth and soft. Great way to get rid of the dead skin build up on my face (TMI?)

Have you ever heard of the brand Proactiv? The Acne fighting face wash? The same people behind that are behind these products. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields founded Rodan + Fields®Dermatologists in 2002 to extend their vision of bringing dermatology-based skin treatment to everyone. Originally available as a top-selling clinical skincare brand in high-end department stores, the company realized the Doctors’ vision could never be fully realized when confined to the department store counter. In an unprecedented move, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store for the world of direct selling. And today, there are numerous Rodan + Fields independent business owners experiencing the income associated with sales volume that far exceeds what leading department store chains were able to achieve.

One things I love is that they call their sales team “independent business owners”. That has to be a great feeling to know that you are behind your own destiny. The harder you work to sell the more money you make. Now that’s what I call motivation!

My friend is reaching out to those that would be interested in joining her team to become an “independent business owner” of their own.

If you would enjoy..

-working virtually, from home

-creating your own hours

-being your own boss

-unlimited earning potential

-leveraging the credibility of a big brand

-leveraging the resources of a big corporation

Then this might be something for you.

If you are interested in getting more information please contact Rachael! Don’t let geography stop you.  Anyone in the country can connect with her and you can get started with running your own business!


Phone Number: 516-840-9473