The other day I looking in my bathroom mirror and I saw a very scary site. Maybe it was so scary because I truly didn’t expect to see it…but needless to say I was shocked. Yes dear readers I have a confession…this girl’s hair is beginning to turn gray! That’s right! Right there in the mirror were some gray strands of hair.

I guess I am lucky to have light hair, because I have never noticed the gray before. Before being pregnant I did keep up with my highlights pretty well, and since then, my hair has been looking pretty shabby. I am just dying to get my hair done (which I am doing this coming Thursday). But now I know I am not only covering up the dirty blond hair to be a “true” blond again…I now will be forced to keep it up to keep the gray out!

Can I really be going Gray at 30? The Captain has been showing some gray hairs for a while now, but he reminds me that gray hair in men is distinguished. Why is that?? Women are forced to feel shame about gray hair, and men look “distinguished”? Damn those double standards!

But it’s official….This girls hair is showing some signs of gray. I guess once you hit 30 it’s all down hill from there? Or maybe I had gray hair before but always had it covered with my highlights? Either way it’s there, and now I look at it every time I look in the mirror. My hair appointment couldn’t come soon enough…bye bye gray!