As I have posted in the past I am a HUGE fan of beauty products. I am willing to try just about everything, but what I really want is a tried and true routine that can last me for years. I tried Cinique for a while, but my skin was just so dry it didn’t really suit me well. More recently I have been using Arbonne , but as things run out I have been moving towards easier to access products such as drug store brands. But what I think I am missing most is a good exfoliating product. For a dryer skinned person like me I would think that’s the most important step, and that’s the step I slack on the most!

  My Beauty Regimen:

I wash my face daily with Arbonne facewash. It’s creamy consistency doesn’t leave my face feeling dry so I like it. I will admit that I do not wash my face twice a day, and only wash it at night when I shower. I guess I’m just lazy in the mornings!

After washing my face I use the Arbonne toner. I am liking using the toner. It’s a spray, but I like to put it on a cotton ball. I like that it then gets rid of anything that is left on my skin after my shower. I am not exactly sure what a toner does, but I plan on keeping it as part of my daily routine.

After that comes the lotions. Boy do I love facial lotions! (and body lotions)  I think that stems from my dry face and my desire to get ahead of those pesky wrinkles that I am sure are on their way. (I’m almost 30 you know!) First I put on the Arbonne Facial Serum. After that I am loving my Votre Vu eye creams! (Don’t forget to enter if you want to win one!) First I use the eye gelee. I like the cooling effect. Then, in the daytime I use Olay original lotion for sensitive skin with SPF. If it’s night time I use the Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream. FINALLY…I use my other Votre Vu eye cream the Luxee Yeux eye cream and I think this one is my favorite. Especially for day time or when I am going out because it leaves a little shine under your eyes which brightens them!

Now, I am not completely sold on some items. I always go back and forth with believing that you have spend alot to have good facial products, or if over the counter ones will work. I have this thing about paying shipping so that drives me nuts. That’s why I keep changing! I have heard that Olay products are the #1 over the counter brand. Have you heard that? The Olay night recovery cream I could replace if I found a better alternative, but what?

So now back to my original question. What exfoliator do you recommend? As you can see I’m all over the place when it comes to product brands. I just want to be happy with what I use. Bottom line..I have to hydrate this face!

So what’s your beauty regimen? What products can you not live with out? Can someone help this product lover out?