Sunday night I was flipping through the channels and happened upon the new NBC show “The Marriage Ref” , which is produced by Jerry Seinfeld. I saw previews, but wasn’t too sure, but I gotta tell you that what I saw of this show is HYSTERICAL!! Picture funny celebrity panelists listening to couples state their arguments about random marital fights. What type of random arguments you ask? Well let me paint a picture for you with two words….Stripper Pole!!!

Do I have your attention yet? Yup, one of the arguments that had to be resolved on the first episode was whether or not the wife should give in to the husbands desire to have a stripper pole in the bedroom. How funny is that? Another topic was this husband had his little dog stuffed when it died, and it is in his house. His wife finds it freaky…should he be allowed to keep it? Basically they plan on covering comical arguments that a husband and wife have. That’s why I found it so funny, because I really could see myself, or other couples I know having ridiculous arguments such as these. Arguments which definitely could use a Marriage Ref.

 I have always found relationship and marriage comedy really funny in a “it’s funny cause it’s true” type of way. That’s what I think I’m going to like about this show. Kind of like Seinfeld brought you the show about nothing, but in reality sounded like conversations I have had with my friends regularly. The Marriage Ref seems to bring out funny everyday situations about couples. I mean who doesn’t fight about wet towels being left on the bed?

Jerry Seinfeld was on Oprah this week and shared his new marriage “lingo terms”. I found these so funny because I find myself doing this things!

Kitchen Sinking It

“Kitchen sinking is when you’re in an argument about one issue and your partner—your sparring partner, in this case—starts throwing everything in from every fight you ever had,” Tom says. “You’re fighting about something the dog’s doing, and they bring up an old girlfriend from the ’70s.”

This is true! I always tell The Captain that he better be careful because I remember everything, and he never knows when it will come back to haunt him!

“At Least I’m Not the Most Horrible Thing You Can Think of” Defense

“I love this one,” Tom says. “This is where you get into an argument, and you take them to the limit. … [If she says], ‘You should be here with us all the time,’ or ‘You should be having breakfast with us.’ [And he responds], ‘Well, at least I’m not going to the bar and sleeping with strippers.’ Wait, what?”

This one makes me laugh because I feel like we all try to point out someone or something much WORSE than what we are getting yelled at for. At least pointing that out makes us feel better about ourselves!

The Marriage Ref is going to be on NBC on Thursday nights at 10:00. And the fun part is it’s starting tonight! See, funny marriage arguments like these would really make for a funny installment of “Story  to tell Saturday“. Doesn’t everyone like to hear about other couples arguments? It always makes me feel much more normal!