As much as it saddens me to post this…I have to. I am convinced that my husband has a death wish. It’s nothing crazy to most. He doesn’t do extreme sports, or play with guns, or anything really physically dangerous. What he does do is text CONSTANTLY while he is driving. And with the statistics out there quickly coming in, I am terrified for his life. I am terrified for the life of others. And if you text while driving? Then I am terrified for you!

As always I have been watching Oprah, and as usual she is on a mission to make change. And again…as usual I am on board. Although I missed the original episode, I have kept up with her campaign to make America’s cars a NO PHONE ZONE! I have been trying to get Captain Awesome on board but he refuses, and I can’t understand why doesn’t see the danger in what he’s doing.

Are you into numbers and percentages? How about these?

“For comparison purposes, someone who’s drunk at a 0.08 blood alcohol level has a four-time crash increase. So talking on a cell phone is about the same as driving drunk,” he says. “When you’re text messaging, the crash risk goes up to eight times.” 

 8 times more likely to crash while texting as you are at a 0.08 blood alcohol level?? How scary is that? Everyone is so worried about drinking and driving what about this? I mean it makes sense. How are you supposed to drive and hit that tiny little key board? How are you supposed to drive and read that little screen? You aren’t?? I mean it takes a split second for a car to stop in front of you? Can you imagine crashing and maybe killing someone because you couldn’t wait the 15 minutes to respond to a friend?

Jerry Seinfeld said it best on Monday’s Oprah. He said that he lost a friend in an accident because his friend was on the phone. He said “what was wrong with 1985??” I mean really? Are we that important that someone can’t wait a few minutes to hear back from us? The answer is NO! And I tell that to The Captain all the time. In 1998 when I went to college I had a cell phone…the star Tac..but it certainly wasn’t used like it is today! In 1985 people had to wait till they heard your message on the ANSWERING MACHINE! And you couldn’t check it while you were had to go home and press PLAY! We have come a long way, but if they survived back then we can survive a few minutes of driving with out texting.

I have even tried to make him feel bad. I have asked him repeatedly not to do it at least when I am in the car. See he always drives, and I told him I refuse to die because he insists on texting. I even went as low as to ask him what happens when I am carrying his future child??!! I thought that might do it but he won’t agree to change, and Iam scared.

I personally have blue tooth in my car and have signed Oprah’s NO PHONE ZONE PLEDGE  have you? I actually didn’t jump on the texting band wagon till recently. I see how addicting it is, but now I see what it can do when you are driving. Luckily I have had no personal tragedies, but I don’t want any. I can not imagine how I’d feel if I ended someones life because I insisted on texting. Same as I wouldn’t drive a car if I were drunk. So I hope you will do the same. And I hope soon I can convince Captain Awesome to change his ways.