As you know I currently live in Long Island. While planning my wedding a friend of mine introduced me to the website Long Island Weddings. In short it is a forum type setting which allows brides to come together to share and ask questions about everything pertaining to a wedding. I must say that this site was a lifesaver and I spent a good part of the year on this site…more to come on this later. After the wedding I felt a bit lost. So much of my time for a year and five months was spent on the wedding, and it was pretty sad to not have it to look forward to. That’s when I decided to do everything I could to focus on being a good wife. I had to move on to the next stage of online addiction and this addiction has come in the form of Long Island Families. Here you can find women banning together to help each other in all aspects of life from newlyweds, to people trying to get pregnant, to people pregnant and even parenting. As women, it is important to share life’s experiences with other women. Sometimes all we need is a little support.

The first question you may ask is…I am not from Long Island…can these sites still help me? Well in my honest opinion the answer is YES! I didn’t get married on Long Island, so the information about local venues and vendors didn’t help me much, but what did help me were all the other added ideas! There were hairstyles, and centerpieces, and dresses and registry advice.  I also know for certain there are women on the boards that do NOT live on Long Island. Same goes for the LI families boards. The boards offer support, and that support does not just fall to those who live in the area…that support stems from all over. The women are so honest and helpful! If you have a question about ANYTHING you can post it somewhere on this site and there will be someone to help you.

There are also boards that are not family related. Here you can find information on travel, pets, recipes, style and fashion and more. I personally go on the pet boards a lot, because it’s fun to talk about my little Tinkerbell…who doesn’t want to hear about my Tinkerbell?

There is something for everyone there. I honestly have learned so much from hearing about other women’s experiences in all walks of life.

My husband and friends (including my family) pick on me when it comes to these sites, but they just don’t understand.It’s probably because I speak of it so often. Pre wedding talk normally started with phrases such as  “Well I saw on LI Weddings” or “On LI Weddings I saw this”.  My friends who join me on the site know the benefits it gives. I can’t wait for the brides to be this summer to join me on LI Families!  So go on…check it out and join the obsession!