I am starting my long weekend early, by taking Friday afternoon off to enjoy the weather. For some reason I think this year I am looking forward to Memorial Day weekend more then I feel I have in previous years. I am not sure why, but I believe that this year I hated winter more than  usual. Therefore, I think I am in need of a nice, warm and fun filled weekend to kick off the summer season.

I am not a Long Island lover..but if I must live on this Island then summer is a great time to be here. I must admit that it has a lot to offer in warm weather. There are nearby beaches, and since we have friends with boats it’s great that they are nice enough to take us out to enjoy the water. Our neighborhood has a pool which is opening up this weekend, so I look forward to working on my tan there. Also, there are great bars and restaurants that are outside on the water, and summer nights are always better enjoyed outside.

I am not a weatherman so I can not predict what the weekend’s weather will be (not that the weather people ever get it right…but I digress) but I will tell you, that if this weekend is predominantly rainy and cold I will not be a happy camper. I don’t think I could stand one more weekend inside. So with sheer will I am hoping and praying that I get my great weekend outside….I think I deserve it.

So to all…HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Enjoy it with your family and friends…I know I will!