I am having a hard time writing this post because I just can’t believe it. As a tried and true Yankee Candle fan, I am saddened to have to report that I no longer think that they are are the superior candle brand. Although their candles are expensive compared to other brands, I have always found them to be the most fragrant and therefore worth the hefty price tag, but recently I have been EXTREMELY disappointed! What is happening dear Yankee Candle? What have you changed?

The problem started way over a year ago when I bought a Lavender Vanilla candle. I was excited to get it home to make my house smell nice and fresh. But when I lit the candle…I waited and waited for that great Yankee candle smell that normally fills my entire first floor…and nothing. Since then I have bought many more candles. I even asked the workers there what was up and their only response was that there are different “levels” of scents. Meaning that some candle scents will smell more than others. It makes sense, but if that’s the case..who wants the lowest level? And they really should mark those ones because I personally think people buy scented candles for just that..their scent! Especially ones that cost $25 a piece!

The final straw was this fall when I bought the Macintosh scented candle. I was so excited to put out my fall scent. Who doesn’t love the smell of apples? I lit the candle ready to get my house transported to the apple orchard…and nothing. Yes it smelled immediately around the candle. But the scent didn’t travel! Not like it used to. So I’m sad.

I have found my new superior candle though. The candles at Bath and Body works are definitely better. As a test I went out and bought 2 yesterday (they were having a sale..2 for $20!) . I lit it, and WOW! The whole first floor became fragrant like it used to with the Yankee candle. Have you ever tried the Frosted Cranberry from Bath and Body works? My mom just has a jar of it in her upstairs hall and even without lighting it the whole hallway is fragrant! Now that is the sign of a good candle!

The good news is I found a replacement for my candle fix…problem solved! What are your favorite candles?