Let’s start off by saying that I can’t believe my little sister’s wedding has come and gone. It’s been over a year of planning, and now she is officially a wife. I hope she doesn’t go into the post wedding depression like I did after my wedding. It was just so hard to go back to every day life. The day I had looked forward to for so long was over…but that was me. This post is about my sister and her beautiful wedding day in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

The weather was beautiful on October 2nd, which is amazing since all the days leading up to, and even the day after were nothing but clouds and rain. But not on that Saturday. The weather was 68 degrees and sunny. Just perfect! I stayed over at my sisters house the night before so that I could share in every part of the special day. What I didn’t realize I was signing up for was a 5:30 am sister chat session. It seems that the bride couldn’t sleep….and therefore was ready to chat. Of course being the good Matron on Honor that I am I obliged and chatted. It was nice just to lay there in bed and talk. It really felt like a sisterly moment. As tired as I was I was happy we had that time. If you ask me today what we spoke about I couldn’t tell you. What I do know is at the time I THOUGHT I was awake, but looking back maybe I was half asleep!

Eventually, we got up showered and began the process of getting ready. It was time to meet the rest of the 10 bridesmaids at the hair salon. It’s really amazing what girls do to get ready for weddings. It really takes hours to look so beautiful! We all got our hair and make up done…got dressed and waited to go. But the day couldn’t go by with out a glitch…does it ever? Nope! This glitch was a rather big one. The 40 passenger party bus that was picking up the groomsmen, and then the bridesmaids broke down! The groomsmen were stuck, and the bride had no way to get to the church. Even worse, when I called the company to find a solution they were HORRIBLE! I will throw this in there that you should never use the company The Party Ride !!! They had the worst customer service basically telling us there was nothing they could/would do. Seriously? This is probably one of the biggest days of a woman’s life and there is nothing you can do? The poor groomsmen luckily got picked up by guests on their way to the church, (more specifically by Captain Awesome and my mother in law) and the poor bride had to arrive at her wedding in a mini van. I personally think she handled it EXTREMELY well. I personally would’ve had a huge bridezilla moment, but not Kelly. She did not let it ruin her day one bit, and I am so proud of her for that. The silver lining? The groomsmen went into superhero action and got another limo that could pretty much accommodate what we needed. Good job guys! My hero’s!

The ceremony was just great! We all made it down the aisle with no problem….except for maybe the part where my dad stepped on Kelly’s cathedral length veil and it fell off as she started up to the altar! (sorry dad…it was just funny) Kelly and I laughed so hard we cried. I think it will be a good memory on the video. I can’t wait to see our faces!

After the ceremony it was time for pictures! With a bridal party of 20 it’s always hard, but this group were pros. We all piled into the Hummer Limo. We were minus the parents, but Captain Awesome was nice enough to play chauffeur to them. (on a side note I have to give him credit for being the best husband ever that weekend. He was a huge help to my family, and played chauffeur like a champ!) With the whole party bus debacle we were lucky enough to have a ride as it was! The Groomsmen piled the limo with tons of beer (which I couldn’t have), and even Philadelphia style soft pretzels. (now that’s what I’m talking about!) We had a grand time!

After all the business was taken care of it was time to party!! The reception was held at the Downtown club in the center of Philadelphia, near Independence hall. I have been to many weddings, and always notice the little things, and I have to tell you that this place knew how to throw a good wedding. They had all the little details covered, and we all know it’s the little details that make a wedding. From cocktail hour (appetizers)….to Viennese hour (dessert)…everything was great. Best of all everyone had a wonderful time! Even more importantly, it looked like the bride and groom had a blast! I loved to see my sister smile like that. She looked truly happy. She had that look that every bride should have on their wedding day…the look of pure joy and happiness.

In my eyes the day was just great! I know I keep saying this but I can’t believe it’s all over! Congratulations to my little sister and my new brother in law! May you both share years of happiness!

Marked photos are courtesy of a sneak peak from the photographer Paul Roebuck of Unique Concepts Studio Inc.