I have been loving being part of the blogging world. For those readers who only read my blog because you know me, you are truly missing out on a fascinating world. A world where people spill their guts about their thoughts, and feelings, along with their hopes and dreams. It’s a world that makes everyone feel so much closer, and it’s a world that allows us to share experiences so you don’t feel so alone. But in this world…like in any other place, there are those who are successful, and those who WANT to be successful. Sometimes, I feel like the blog world is like high school in that you are just hoping to be noticed, and hoping to be popular…I mean who didn’t want to be popular in high school?

On a basic level every blogger hopes to have readers. It’s great to get your thoughts written down, but it’s even better when people reach out and relate to what you are saying. We all hope that the popular bloggers might notice us, because if we are associated with them…then  maybe the other “cool kids” will want to check us out. Then there is Twitter..a place where you can easily share your most random thoughts. But as you write…you just hope that someone will read what you said and want to respond. Slowly but surely you build Twitter friends….but how do you make them like you?

On a more advanced level there are those who make money from their blog. These people have enough other people reading their thoughts that PR Companies and advertisers use them to sell products. You can sit there with your hand raised yelling “pick me!” “pick me!” all you want…but until you are popular….you just blend in with the rest.

So what do you think it takes to become popular in this high school I call the blogging world? Is it luck? Is it skill? Is it hard work? Are you pigeonholed as a wanna be forever? Or is there a chance you can meet the captain of the football team and he alone can change your status forever? Personally, I think it’s all of the above. So for now, I am left to wander the halls hoping to be noticed, and hoping that someone wants to read what I have to say.

This song ran through my head during this post!