We all talk about wanting to lose weight and being healthy, and each year, as January first rolls around we all decide that it’s time to bite the bullet and go on a diet. This year, to add a little support for this tough task, my family is coming together to do a little “biggest loser” contest of our own. This year, we are going to help each other succeed! “The Biggest Loser” family edition has begun!

Myself, The Captain, my sister, my brother in law,  my dad and my mom have all agreed to participate. You may ask why my brother and future brother in law are not accepting the challenge…but then I would have to tell you that they are both too skinny and can’t afford to lose any weight. For some reason no one says that about me??? Anyway…we have each agreed to put in $20. Our first weigh in was on Friday, January 1st. This will count as our starting point, and we will weigh in each friday after that for 12 weeks. We decided to weigh in weekly so that we are held accountable for both our failures and successes each week. The person with the biggest percentage of weight loss after 12 weeks wins!

I have never been one who has been able to be on a diet. I did extremely well losing weight for my wedding, but somehow that was a little different. I went all out for that and sacrificed a lot in the name of vanity. I think having this 12 week ending point will help me, because at least mentally I know there is a finish line. They say it only takes 2 weeks for your brain to stop craving sugars and carbs…and 1 month to truly change a habit. So goal number one is the 2 weeks.

All this talk of weight and I have forgotten to mention the biggest reason for my commitment to this challenge. The health benefits! I am told that a healthy lifestyle promotes fertility, and that all the processed food out there is counterproductive. I also think that this lifestyle change will be beneficial for when I do actually become pregnant…healthy food=healthy baby! I mean fast food is wonderful and all, but making the right food choices will be better for the baby in the long run.

So it’s time to get back to that weight watchers mind set. In my opinion there is no secret to losing weight. It’s just about making the right choices….but like everything else in life…it’s much easier said than done! Wish me luck!

PS…The Biggest loser is one of my favorite shows and the new season starts tonight!