Those that know me well know that I always wanted to be famous..I wanted to be a STAR! I went to college with the dream of becoming a news anchor…that dream started when I was very young, when every video our family had of me started with me doing the news. I reported about everything going on…for example there would be the “Christmas party news”, “the snow storm news”…and so on. Looking back I realize how annoying I must’ve been! Knowing my love of videos The Captain bought me a great video camera for my birthday a few years ago…but even more recently he won a great prize in a blog contest. He won the FLIP video camera!!

Why I Love The Flip Video Camera

It’s a wonderfully compact little thing. About the size of a phone or a digital camera. It was perfect for us to use on New Years Eve. It easily fit into The Captains pocket, and quickly turned on to capture the nights greatest moments. We do not have the HD version, but personally I think it works just fine. In a well lit room, the color looks great. As you will soon see..the color quality in a darkened, low lit room is not as good. But it served it’s purpose for us so I was pleased!

So here’s a little clip of us ringing in the New Year! If you are wondering who is speaking with that annoying high pitched voice, that would be me…I’m not proud, and I have no idea why I am talking like that. So I apologize in advance!


Personally, I think The Flip* is a great little gadget that can be kept in your purse to capture those moments that are missed by the larger video cameras. For example…your little one is doing something cute in the car…you can whip this little guy out and catch it! It easily plugs into your computer and uploads. Even I was able to upload and share the videos myself!! Without the help of The Captain…and that says alot.

Nothing was given to me to do this review. These are my own thoughts and opinions. If you are interested in learning more about the flip, check out the Things I Love in my left sidebar!