Before getting pregnant I had little to no experience with baby items. I was clueless. That’s why when I went to my friends baby shower I got an extremely good laugh at one particular gift…the wiped warmer. I mean really…do babies really need to be pampered like that? I know my parents didn’t have that and I turned out just fine…so o made fun of her about it..she said “just you wait”. Fast forward to having my own baby. A baby that HATES to be unclothed and cold. A baby that screeches the minute that cold wipe touches his tushy…..I think I now have to make an official apology to the wiper warmer.

Once I figured out how much my baby hated the cold wipes I knew that it was just something I would have to deal with. There is no way I could now buy a wiper warmer after all of the negative things I had to say about it. Out of pure pride I knew I couldn’t do it. My mom even noticed the benefits of the warmer after making fun of it, and told me that I just needed to suck it up and buy one…but still I couldn’t do it.

I admitted how wrong I actually was to 3 mom, my mother in law and The Captain. I was just prepared to go through this infant stage with a baby who cried every time the wipe touched his bum. It was what it was…that is until my Mother in Law did me a favor, and purchased one for me for Christmas. Genius! It was a loop hole! I didn’t buy it for myself, and therefore just HAD to use it since it was a gift. It would be rude not to right??

I then did the right thing. I called my friend and apologized. I put  my tail between my legs and admitted how wrong I was, and how right she was. So here and now I would like to publicly announce that I truly see the benefit of the wiper warmer. Now that I have it the night time diaper changes have become much more pleasant. We even make it through most of them with out an ear splitting cry! So thank you wiper warmer….life is much better with you in it.