alpha bugs

I really want my son to be a reader and love books. I have gotten so much enjoyment out of them, and I want to inspire him to want to read. That is why since he was born, I read to him ( I should say TRY to read to him since for a long time he had no interest in sitting still). Then, over time he began to get really excited about his books and I was ecstatic! I love it when he hands me books to read over….and over….and over…and over…again. He has his favorites and I have mine, but obviously his favorites win out. So below please find Christian’s list of favorite books. At 14 months old, these are the the big winners.

Our Favorite Toddler Books!

(in no particular order)

  1.  Goodnight Moon : A classic, and a book that forces me to think that I too could be a children’s book writer. It’s short and sweet and keeps his attention. But I love reading the same book before bed every night. It helps with our routine.
  2.  Alpha Bugs : This one has been one of Christian’s favorites from the start. Unfortunately the poor pop up alpha bugs inside the book have taken a beating, but in my eyes that just shows love.
  3. Tails : The moving pieces in this book keeps his attention, and I love that he quickly learned how to make the parts move himself!
  4. Noisy Peekaboo Books : The fact that this book makes sounds is a HUGE bonus! Peek-a-boo books are fun, but peek-a-boo books that bark like a dog when the flap is opened? Priceless!
  5. The Very Busy Spider : I am not exactly sure what it is about Eric Carle, but he obviously is a children’s book genius. I haven’t figured out what it is, but Christian sure does love this spider!
  6. Pat the Bunny : I was truly amazed at how quickly he began doing all the activities the book asked him to do!
  7. B is for Bear : This books a touch and feel book that teaches some words! My little guy loves to smell F is for flower (even though there is no scent)
  8. Touch and Feel Animals : This was his first favorite book, and it now is torn into pieces and the pages are all over the place. But he still loves it and we read it page by page as he finds them throughout the day!
  9. Eyes, Nose, Toes Peekaboo : Not a sound peek-a-book book but fun nonetheless!
  10. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide and Find (World of Eric Carle (Priddy Books)) : This one isn’t the “regular” version. This one has the slide and find flaps. The little man LOVES to slide them to see what’s next! He likes this book on repeat.

Board books are still a must because anything made with paper has a high likelihood of being ripped. I am just so happy that he loves his books, and I will do all I can to have it continue. We read whenever we can, and I love those moments of sitting together and exploring a book.

What are your favorite baby/toddler books?