I find it amazing how quickly infant things become obsolete in your daily routine. Although most things are completely necessary, you have to admit that alot of them do make your day go a little smoother. But now as we are approaching the 8 month mark so many of those infant things are being put away. My little guy has reached the next stage of baby items, and those items meant for a little newborn have found their place in the attic waiting to be used in the future.

Today my infant carseat is being replaced with the big convertible Britax Boulevard. I lasted as long as I could with the infant seat, but being that the one I have only holds up to 22 lbs, I am running dangerously close to that weight. I always thought I would switch him out of the infant seat a lot earlier, but the thought of it made me sad. That was the seat that carried my son home from the hospital. That seat shielded him from the cold harsh winter, and now it no longer serves it’s purpose.

My little lamb swing has now found a new home at my next door neighbors house. She is having a baby any day now, and we let her borrow the swing. It was perfect! She needed a swing and I needed a place to store mine! But not having that swing in my family room makes it look empty. That swing gave me some much needed naps. That swing was the only place my son would nap in for a very long time. Now, that swing is gone.

I sometimes have trouble accepting that an item no longer has a use. My son was out of his bassinet around 10 weeks, but that bassinet sat in our room for at least a month after that! It was so hard for me to move out. Why? I am not totally sure. I just know that the idea that my first child was out of his bassinet made me a bit sentimental!

Now that the convertible car seat will now be in the car, and the infant seat is gone we have officially finished with all of his more “newborn” items. How scary is that??? My little boy is getting bigger and bigger everyday…and I have a feeling he will just continue to do so. Soon enough more of his things will become useless….wow!