Being a new mom I am well aware, that this job is going to last me the rest of my life. As a matter of fact being a wife is a similar job, because it is my job to think ahead for both my son and my husband. I will admit that always being on the ball can be exhausting (not that I’m always on the ball at all!). It’s a 24/7 job! Even when I am sleeping I dream about what I SHOULD be doing! That is why I find it so comforting to spend time with MY mom. No matter how old I get, and no matter what I am doing she always takes care of me. I am aware that that job is probably very stressful on her, but I appreciate it. When I am with my mom I know everything will be ok…’s always nice to be mothered.

I am very happy with my every day life. Being a mom is the best job in the world, but also very difficult. But sometimes I just need a break. The Captain is a great assistant, but to be honest I pretty much take charge of the baby when we are at home. That is why I look forward to my visits with my parents. Whether it be at my house or theirs, I always feel at ease when they are around.

This past week I went away to the Jersey shore with my family. Even though I am 31 and should pick up more of the slack, the dynamic there mimics that of the days when we were kids. My mom pretty much takes charge. Although we all help, she takes on most of the responsibility. She knows exactly what to pack, she prepares all the meals (even though I offered to cook), is proactive about the laundry…and the list goes on. Is it bad that I let it go that way? I’m not sure!

I think we all need to be “mothered” once in a while. When we grow up we are sent in the world to take care of ourselves, I am just lucky that I always have a place and parents to go home to sometimes to get that break. Not to mention a mother and role model to look up to! Thanks for always taking care of me mom!