I finally saw the movie It’s Complicated! I was so excited to see it after the giveaway post, and then the holidays came around and time just went away. Therefore, it took me this long to finally get to the movies to see it. But it was worth the wait…I LOVED it! 

Thanks to Big Honcho Media, I was given a gift card for two free tickets to see the movie. It was a nice Monday date night for me and The Captain, since I dragged him with me to see it. His opinion in short was that he wanted more “funny parts”. He found those parts hysterical, but thought the more serious parts got in the way. I found the movie to be delightful! (yup I used the word delightful! don’t judge!) 

Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin have AMAZING chemestry. I always find Meryl to be believable in any character she plays. She can do any genre of movie and do it well. Alec was casted in this role perfectly! He is pompous and flirtatious, and plays the womanizing attorney very well. Steve Martin rounds out the big names in this all star cast…his character is good, but in my opinion he doesn’t shine like the rest. Actually, one of my favorite characters in the movie is played by John Krasinski from The Office. He plays Harley…Meryl Streep’s future son in law. HYSTERICAL!

You can tell that the movie is aimed at the over 40 demographic, but it can be totally enjoyable for everyone. Have you seen the movie yet? If you have what did you think???