The holiday season is a whirlwind of a time for me…especially this year. I can count 2 weekends from the beginning of November, through Christmas that I actually spent in my home. Every other weekend I was traveling somewhere. It was a fun time, and kept me busy, but sometimes I wished I could just sit and relax. Sometimes I just wanted to stay put…and now that the holidays are over, and I am looking at my empty calendar, ironically enough I am beginning to wish I was traveling again! This is the time of year when the Post Holiday Blues set in…

You know what I am talking about… That time of year where you know that the year ahead is a blank slate, and anything could happen…that time of year when the holiday dust has settled, and it’s time to clean up all the new presents, and put away the Christmas decorations. The beautiful Christmas lights come down, and the cold, gloomy winter is left behind.

I don’t mind the cold in November and December. As a matter of fact it fits perfectly with the holiday season, but as January settles in the cold just becomes unbearable for me! I am not sure why. I have lived in the North East all of my life (well I was born in Miami but left when I was only a few months old), so shouldn’t I be used it by now? Every day I am still shocked by how dark it is, and every day I cringe every time I have to go outside. Even little Tinkerbell doesn’t want to go out! When it drops below 30 degrees, I open the door and Tinky looks at me and says “no way mamma!” (don’t worry Tinky I don’t blame you!)

Probably the most depressing thing is the fact that we have at least 3 more months of this. 3 LONG months of cold, dark, and dreary. My neighbor pretty much said it best when she said “She’s only cool when it’s above 70 degrees”….she knows me well!

So now the hibernation sets in. The colder it gets the less likely it is that you will get me to go anywhere on the weekends. The colder it gets, the happier I am to put on some sweatpants and park myself on the couch. No wonder I get fat in the winter!


Now that the holiday blues are over, let's resume our everyday melancholy