Well my dear readers this past weekend I had a traumatic experience. It was an experience that made me realize that I really am an adult, and it also made me realize the sacrifices The Captain and I are already making for our little Pooh Bear. What happened you ask? Well my friends, this past weekend we had to take down our bar. The bar that holds all my wonderful champagne glasses, and wine glasses, and margarita glasses. It holds shot glasses, and bottles of alcohol, and everything one would need to have a party. Yes, my readers….it was a rough day.

I have mentioned in the past about our situation with space,  so in order to make room, a few things had to go. One of those things was our bar. It had to be done, I know…but that doesn’t mean it still didn’t hurt. As I wrapped up each glass to put away, I found a little piece of my 20’s going into that bin. I know that it’s not gone forever, but right now the attic just seems so far away! (Especially since I can’t seem to open the attic myself)

Along with the bar went a big shelf full of framed pictures. Some people are good at editing when it comes to putting out pictures…I am not one of them. If I get a great new picture I am unable to replace an old one with it. I just add the new one. So this shelf was full! Again I know the pictures aren’t gone forever, and will come out again in the future, but it was still tough to pack it all away.

To make matters worse I happened to start looking at our wedding and honeymoon albums. Wow was I so much skinnier at the time of my wedding! Yes, that was my goal. To be the skinniest I ever would be, but to look at those pictures and know that I most likely will never see that stomach again was a tough one. The Captain is nice enough to remind me that I’m not fat I’m pregnant (thanks dear), but never again will my body look like that in a bikini…Ouch!

So the bins are packed and my bar is now gone. This little lady is all grown up! (well sort of!) With a new little boy on the way, you gotta do what you gotta do, and of course we are happy to do it. But just for a few moments….it hit me that we are grown up.