Naming your child can be very tricky. Not only do you have to think about what you like, but you also have to consider so many other things. Things like nicknames, spelling, connotations, and initials. Many things I have read said that names can even set your child on a course to their future careers! (I’m not going to give examples just in case my readers may have or love those names lol) But for once this post isn’t about me.

This post is about some friends of mine who are having a baby about 1 month before me. They have come to me asking for my dear readers advice and input. I have bragged about you often you know! I readers are experts when it comes to opinions! So here’s one for you….is this couple dooming their child for the rest of his/her life?

A little background…

In the Jewish faith it is customary to honor a loved one who has passed away by naming a child using the letter of their first name. In this particular case, whether it’s a boy or a girl the child will be given a name beginning with the letter L. The middle name that the couple wants to use honors the dad’s, mother’s maiden name which begins with the letter B. Finally, their last name begins with the letter S. Therefore, the child’s initials will be L. B. S. Now at first glance I don’t think it looks bad at all! But after a conversation I was reminded the LBS is the abbreviation for POUNDS!

Again, I didn’t think it was so bad, but I was reminded that kids can be cruel (which is true), and the couple is worried that they are dooming their child. “What if it’s a girl and she is heavy” he asked me. “Will the kids then mock her and call her POUNDS?”

Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I don’t think most kids put two and two together when it comes to initials.  That they will use it mockingly. So which is it? Do you think it would affect a child more if it was a girl vs. if it were a boy?

So now I am asking you! What do you think?

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