Growing up I lived in a very comfortably sized house. 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths….just nice. At the time it never felt big, because all my friends had similar sized houses, and it’s just how the homes were in my town in PA. Now, I am house hunting on Long Island and I am well aware that I need SHRINK my ideas of what my next house will be. I will NOT be getting a house like I grew up in this time around, and that’s OK. I think I just need to change what I expect my next home to be and know that a home is where the heart is. Isn’t that what a dream home truly is?

I have to remind myself that I did not move into our bigger home until I was 8 years old. The home before that was much more like the homes I am seeing these days. Why do I think we are going to move into a massive home? Who do I think I am? I guess it’s just hard to accept paying ALOT of money for something so small and old. I don’t think we’ve seen a house built past 1970, and that’s being generous.

But I have to get over it and fast. The bottom line? I do live on Long Island, the houses DO cost that much, and it is what it is. It is NOT going to change. But what do I have to give up? The Captain and I have decided not to move far from where we are now. That meant giving up ALOT of size we can afford. But do I have to give up everything I want to get a house I can afford?

What I think I can get….

But we’ve seen seeing this…

Go ahead…click on the links and see what’s inside…

Things I won’t budge on? The amount of bedrooms I want….4 (you’d be surprised how tricky this is here). The amount of bathrooms I want…2 1/2 (I want a master bathroom…again, very difficult). Central Air…you’d be AMAZED at how many homes don’t have it. In my opinion, if I am paying a half a million dollars on a home in 2011 it better have central Air! I also want at LEAST a 1 car garage. Do you think I am asking too much? Sometimes I am forced to believe yes! Especially if I expect the home to be updated beyond the 1950’s.

So I am trying to change my expectations. There is so much more that goes into a home then the home itself. I get to raise my children in this home, I get to build my marriage in this home, and I get to build the most FANTASTIC memories in this home. THAT my friends is what makes a dream home. NOT the walls, NOT the bathrooms, and NOT the kitchen.

Now, I just need to remind myself of all this as I continue our house hunt. Wish me luck!