little things

Every night at bedtime I ask my little man “what was your favorite part of the day?” I like to ask him this because it inspires conversation, but I also like to get to know more about his little mind. What excites him!? I love that he thinks long and hard about it. Most times he asks me the same question and refuses to answer until I tell him what my favorite part of the day was, and what’s funny about that is that even though I think he will copy my answer he most often never does. This past Saturday we had a packed day with 2 parties which included some big things like pools and a big water slide. Both involved his friends. That night I asked him about his favorite part of the day and do you know what he said? “The part where we laughed and you tickled me”.

Do you know what part of the day that was? It was a small 5 minute part in which he thought it was funny to yell “butt smack!” and I would then in turn pick him up and spank his butt in play and tickle him. He would say it over and over and I would pretend to walk away and he would just laugh and say it again. I get such enjoyment out of seeing pure laughter and sparkle in his eyes. But never did I realize that such a small little thing would be the highlight of my sons day.

It’s things like this that remind me that it doesn’t always take something big to make a kid happy. We are so busy most days, and I’m not going to lie…I try to make things special. But it’s not about that is it. Even the simplest things can be the best things. Just extra attention or extra play is all you need really.

I honestly hope that my son will look back on his childhood and remember the happy things. He’s had a lot of it! I just want to remind myself how just a little extra attention can mean the world to him. I’m so glad that I take the time to ask him these questions. I learn so much about him and about me when I do. Mind you many days the answer is “when we looked at toys”…but still….it’s those times where he will surprise me and say something that I didn’t expect….like on Saturday…and in those times I learn a lesson. This time it was about the little things….and I am thankful.