Music can bring on many emotions and memories. It’s funny how you can hear a certain song, and that song transports you back in time to a certain place, or event, or even remind you of another person. Well today I was riding in my car, listening to Sirius 9 “The Pulse” which plays all 90’s music! The song that came on reminded me of the list of songs that I created in my head that I think would be appropriate songs to dance to if I was a stripper…..

Yup you read that right. When I hear certain songs I add them to my stripper song list. No, I was never a stripper, and No I never want to be…but I have an imagination, and these songs just scream stripper to me.

 Here are the top contenders.

#1 was the song that I heard on the radio that prompted this random thought post. That song is “Red Light Special” by TLC


The 2nd song would be Boombastic by Shaggy.


And 3rd would be Buttons by Pussycat Dolls


Now after I got started with this post I decided to google “stripper songs” just to see if my songs showed up, and it turns out I would make a bad stripper because most of the list include rock songs such as “Cherry Pie”, or “Paradise City”…doesn’t sound very sexy to me??? But I guess thats why I’m not a stripper….

Ok…Random thought over…