I am absolutely sick of this rainy weather! It is June 23rd and I am losing any sort of tan I may have gotten early on in the season. I am angry and frustrated and somehow this is affecting my thoughts. I honestly could not think of anything intelligent to blog about today??? So I have decided to use my blog as a platform to complain!

What is it about 2009? We had the longest and coldest winter (or at least I thought so) and I was really looking forward to the summer months. Memorial day came around…early…and it was beautiful! I honestly thought that this was a sign of things to come…boy was I WRONG! June feels a lot like April…cold and rainy.

I am not sure which is worse…the fact that it has been raining throughout the weekend, or the week. (sometimes it’s both) I am in sales and have to go out and about in order to keep my current customers and find new ones. It is very hard to motivate to cold call when it’s pouring. Then there are the weekends…I feel like I am hibernating like I do in the winter…the pool is calling my name but the sun just isn’t cooperating.

July better perk up. I am not sure who I need to write a letter to in order for this to happen, but if anyone has any ideas I am open to them. So there you have it. My rant on this horrible weather….ok rant over…