This past weekend was Father’s Day weekend and it was wonderful to celebrate the wonderful Father’s out there. Especially my Father! My parents came into town last Thursday so that they could attend the US Open on Friday. (this is why I wrongly did not post on Friday) Although they left on Saturday, and I didn’t spend actual Father’s day with my dad, I felt like we had a nice time together and that’s what counts the most!

Thursday night I hosted a dinner party with both my parents and my husbands parents. It was a success and I was able to use my china! (I love using my china!) I am very lucky that both sets of parents get along well and it’s always a pleasant evening when we all get together.

Friday I drove my parents to a shuttle that would take them to the US open since cars were not allowed anywhere near the course. They were extremely lucky because they had the one decent day in over  a week where it didn’t rain. Otherwise their tickets would’ve been useless! That evening my dad took us out to dinner to celebrate both my mom’s and my birthday which are both happening this week. I was born the 24th and her the 25th….wasn’t I such a great birthday present?

Saturday my parents left. It’s always sad for me when they leave, but I know that’s just how its going to work. We had a nice weekend together…and not to mention I will be traveling to PA next weekend to visit..and they in turn are returning to NY for my husbands families annual 4th of July party the following weekend…so I guess no one is going to cry for So since I wasn’t with my dad on actual Father’s day I will use my blog as my platform to tell everyone what a spectacular dad I have!

My dad is an amazing man. He has always loved and supported our family, and has given us everything we could ever want. Growing up, my dad owned his own company (which I now work for) and worked out of the home. Although I always knew we were lucky to have him around, I never truly understood till now how especially wonderful it was that he was always there for us. He was there with us for dinner every night..even when we at at 5:00…and was able to be our team coaches when we needed him. It also didn’t hurt that when we forgot homework or lunch he was able to save the day and bring it in. My dad always helped us with our homework, and gave us our spelling and vocab tests…he would celebrate our victories and our failures in school…even those failures that are still brought up today (aka diorama project of the great barrier reef) He was/is always there for advice and told you like it is. Fast forward to last year, and my dad (and mom of course) were able to give me and my husband our dream wedding. I was so proud to have my dad walk me down the aisle. He is an amazing father, friend and boss. He still wears many hats in my world and I Love him very much! I have the best dad in the world!

I hope all your fathers out there had a wonderful day! You deserved to be celebrated!