Happy Birthday to me! Today I begin the final leg of my 20’s …..the beginning of the end of my 20’s…wow that is scary! I am not exactly sure where the time went? It seems like yesterday I was celebrating the big 21st birthday and loving the fact that I was legally allowed in bars…how different life is between then and now.

Then, I was Hofstra, Sorority, party girl. Life consisted of making sure I made it to class…that is if I didn’t choose to hang with my sorority sisters in the Rat instead. It also consisted of parties and great friends. I LOVED every second of college and at 21 I have to say I was pretty carefree. Now, at 29 I am a wife and homeowner among other things. This means a house to keep and many bills to pay, along with the fact that in order to pay those bills I must make lots of sales. That means WORK! What happened to my college meal card? I loved just swiping and a meal appeared. It certainly would be easier then the meals I must cook in order to eat today…but then again, if I ate now the type of food I ate then I would be a very heavy girl…I could in no way shape or form live on grilled cheese and cheese fries, chicken finger wraps, steak sandwhiches or Sbarros. But that would be very yummy!

Life, although less carefree, is wonderful. I married the man of my dreams…I have a wonderful little dog…and I have great family and friends. Everything seems right with the world.

So here is a toast to my 20’s! May they go out with a BANG!